The success of a website usually depends on its content and on where and how you promote it. Unique content and an effective advertising campaign will usually bring about more website visitors, however there are several other factors which can really make a difference as well. Several examples are: how easy it is to browse the site, whether you aim at different groups with the same content, what position you have in search engines, etc. We have added several software tools to the Hepsia Control Panel which will help you make your sites more popular among visitors with minimal efforts. The tools are really convenient to use and feature a very user-friendly interface, which means that you can take advantage of them even when you lack previous experience and you are developing your first Internet site.

Marketing Tools in Hosting

In case you have a hosting account from our company, you will be able to make a detailed sitemap for any site that you host in it with just a couple of clicks. Our intuitive generator will allow you to pick what content to be included and how many links deep the software instrument needs to crawl. You could include the sitemap on your website so as to allow your visitors to find content quicker, but its main advantage is the fact that it will be in a search engine friendly format, so your website content will be indexed better and your Internet sites will achieve greater rankings in search results. You can also raise the popularity of your sites among regional communities by redirecting visitors to localized pages in accordance with where they access the Internet sites from. This is done with the convenient GeoIP function that you'll find in Hepsia. What is more, you can post various news from your website or third-party sources using the RSS feed tool, so you can keep your visitors updated on site and product news, campaigns, etcetera.

Marketing Tools in Semi-dedicated Hosting

One of the instruments that will directly improve the interest in your sites is the sitemap generator that we provide with all semi-dedicated hosting plans. With only a couple of clicks, you will be able to make a sitemap which will feature any custom content of your preference. You will also have the option to pick how many links have to be indexed and as the output file will be search engine friendly, your website visitors will see more detailed info whenever they look something up on the web, so it is more likely they will visit your website. Having a sitemap will make it easier for search engines to follow the updates on the Internet site as well. You will also be able to create different landing pages and redirect visitors to them depending on where they're located, that will make your sites more popular in different regions around the world. Also, an RSS feed tool will enable you to keep in touch with your site visitors and publish news as well as any other data of your choice for the ones that have subscribed for this feature on your Internet site.

Marketing Tools in VPS Hosting

You can take advantage of our software tools if you choose Hepsia for the web hosting Control Panel of your new virtual private server. The most useful one of them is the sitemap generator that will help you to generate a custom sitemap by selecting the number of links and the sort of content which will be included. A sitemap is generally used by visitors to find something a lot faster, but the great advantage of adding a sitemap to your site is the fact that search engines will use it it to index content better and to provide more detailed info in the results they display. This way, you'll be able to boost the position of your websites with just a few mouse clicks. We will also give you two tools which will allow you to concentrate on the user experience - a GeoIP instrument to redirect site visitors to localized webpages depending on where they are and also an RSS feed instrument that you can use to publish news and updates to subscribers. Both instruments can improve the user experience, so it'll be more likely for visitors to return to your site or to recommend it to friends and colleagues.

Marketing Tools in Dedicated Web Hosting

You will be able to use our software tools with all dedicated server solutions that we offer since Hepsia is among the alternatives for the web hosting Control Panel that you'll find on the signup page. The time and effort saving sitemap generator is the one that will affect the performance of your sites the most since it will permit you to make an XML sitemap - the format which is used by search engines. In this way, your site visitors will find content on your Internet site with ease and search engines will give preference to your Internet site in the results they show since they will be able to index the site content better, including changes. Hepsia also comes with a GeoIP redirection tool, so you could have different landing pages for visitors from different regions of the world, which can make your sites more popular among local communities. Also, you can publish various news about your website using the RSS feed instrument and anybody who subscribes for this option on your site can read them on their phone or computer.