We recognise the fact that you might have very important info on your virtual or dedicated server, therefore we offer an optional backup upgrade you can easily add at any time. While shared hosting servers are backed up on a regular basis by all Internet hosting providers, this isn't so for standalone hosting servers, so unless you keep a copy of your files on your pc, you risk losing critical data in the event that something goes wrong - deleting something accidentally or updating a script-driven program unsuccessfully, as an illustration. With our additional service, we will make a backup of your information on another hosting server as to ensure that we will have a good copy at all times and that we can restore everything the way it was before the problem appeared. The optional upgrade will permit you to manage your content without worrying about possible breakdowns of any kind.

Weekly Backup in VPS Hosting

You can get the backup upgrade anytime and with just several clicks whatever the virtual private server package which you pick. Depending on when you decide to take advantage of this service, you could order it during the virtual private server order procedure and we will start making backups straight from the creation of the hosting server or you can add it through your billing CP later and we shall keep a copy of your content from that point on. You could renew the upgrade for so long as you need it and we will create and have a number of weekly backups, so we could restore any data in the machine very quickly if needed. The entire content on the virtual machine shall be backed up, which means that no matter if you need an older version of some files or a database, we will have it. With this upgrade you'll not have to worry about losing valuable information in the case of an unforeseen problem.

Weekly Backup in Dedicated Web Hosting

If you get one of our Linux dedicated web hosting and you determine that you require a backup of your content, you may add this service with a couple of mouse clicks and our system shall start keeping copies on a weekly basis immediately. You could purchase the upgrade alongside the web server or at some point after using your billing CP in case that you do not need backups from the start. The service will give you fifty gb of disk space on an individual web server and this content can be restored on our end. Even though we test out the equipment and the software before we hand over any new dedicated web server, you could never know if some update will not fail, so if you have crucial information on the machine, you will be better off with this upgrade. Backups are also offered with the Managed Services upgrade, which features loads of other useful management tasks which we provide to our clients.