What is OpenCart?

When you need to have web store created with virtually no work, then OpenCart could be the right choice for you. You will have a lot attributes accessible to you right from the box. Aided by the user–friendly and uncomplicated OpenCart admin user interface, you will get your online store geared up very fast.

With OpenCart, it will be possible to add a limitless number of goods, with a review for every one. The web app supports an array of currencies, with brand new ones being introduced with each new version. There are 20 distinctive payment gateways supported, from PayPal to Klarna, additionally you’ll find 8 shipment solutions available. And if you’re looking for more, you could always extend the core functionality with one of the various 100% free extensions that are accessible for OpenCart.

OpenCart is a registered trademark of OpenCart Limited and is not affiliated with McKaySoftware Domain Sales.

OpenCart–Optimized Linux Hosting Services

When you run an e–shop, it’s vital that you use a reputable hosting supplier which can ensure that your website is going to be running, no matter what. At McKaySoftware Domain Sales, we’ve built optimized OpenCart Linux hosting services that feature a 99.9% server uptime guarantee. And thanks to McKaySoftware Domain Sales’s custom–made hosting system coupled with network setup, we can hold up our guarantee every day.

McKaySoftware Domain Sales’s OpenCart–optimized Linux hosting packages come with unrestricted disk space, limitless traffic and infinite MySQL database storage space quotas. Because of this, it won’t matter what number of site visitors or merchandise you have – you will not use up all your traffic or disk space. And we can easily configure and set up OpenCart immediately for you, as early as you order your web hosting account.

A Point & Click Site Control Panel

When you run web shop, the less time you devote for your hosting Control Panel and the more time you devote on your website and also on your web visitors – the better. That is why, we have launched a Site Control Panel that lets you make everything with ease.

It will be easy to control your domain names, your websites and your payment transactions from just one location, no requirement for extra billing panels. When you sign in, we’ll present to you current numbers for your current website. With the simple to use, easy to navigate user interface, you are able to move about the many elements of the Control Panel in seconds. We have also included a considerable amount of absolutely free resources and bonuses, which you could make full use of. Using our Stats Manager, it will be easy to oversee all of your current site traffic numbers anytime, while not having to incorporate any kind of monitoring codes to your website. Along with our Site Accelerator Instruments, you’ll be able to make your website blazing–fast.