The Website Installer in our McKaySoftware Domain Sales Site Control Panel will provide you with a quick and simple approach to create a brand new site using a custom web design in under five min’s. All it takes is merely 4 basic steps for your brand new site to be on the Internet. It is easy to select from more than two hundred customizable website templates and once it’s set, you’re able to maintain your web site with a click of the mouse. We’ll provide you with sign–in data for the administrative area and you should be able to begin putting in brand new web pages right away. If, at any time, you need help – McKaySoftware Domain Sales’s tech engineers will be readily available 24 hours a day, able to guide you.

The Website Installer is offered each Linux hosting, VPS hosting packages, semi-dedicated hosting, and Linux dedicated web hosting bundle coming when using the McKaySoftware Domain Sales Site Control Panel.

A Webpage Installation Tool For You

Build a brand new website without any tech expertise

The webpage installation tool connects the space between technologically unskilled users and complex site creation and layout. While using the application, you simply won’t have to have any experience in CSS or HTML. You are going to just need to choose how your website is going to appear like and click on the Install button in the tool. That is everything. From then on, it’s possible to add unique webpages and publish your own personal photos with merely a mouse click. No code to generate, no style to act on. It is all is addressed from the user–friendly application in the backend and is carried out in a few minutes.

In case, for reasons unknown, you are not pleased with what you have done, you can easily reverse the changes and try again.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

More than 200 Design Templates to select from

Pick the most suitable style and design for your site

Within the Site Control Panel, you’ll find a variety of customizable web templates for your personal or organization site. Regardless of whether you choose to initiate your own blogging site, community website or possibly a business profile, you can find a ready to use style option to suit your needs you can further personalize according to your requirements.

All of our developers are producing completely new styles, so we will be upgrading our collection regularly.

200+ Free Templates

Contact Us 7 days a week for Technical Support

Our technical professionals are accessible round the clock

We have been in the hosting business for a long period now and have a department of professional engineers to help you out with virtually any challenge you might have with your web site(s). In addition, you can consult with our Regularly Asked Questions and the excellent variety of how–to instructional videos that cover the most often inquired questions and give solutions to the most widespread problems. With the 1–hour response time period guarantee that we cut down to 20 min’s in non–hectic hours, you’ll get timely assistance at any time.

24/7 Support