With McKaySoftware Domain Sales, you’ll have access to a super convenient to use website generation tool. It’s extremely easy to get the knack of and it offers a dashboard that is guaranteed to be immediately familiar to everyone who has ever dealt with an admin app. The website generation tool features a range of attractive site templates which you could change with a mouse click and set–up a site to your liking. And last but not least, each website template is mobile–friendly, so your new site will look great on tablets and phones right away.

The website generation tool is a component of the McKaySoftware Domain Sales Site Control Panel, present with all Linux hosting, VPS hosting packages, semi-dedicated hosting, and Linux dedicated web hosting offers.

A handy website generation tool

No web development experience is necessary

The key advantage of the McKaySoftware Domain Sales’s website generation tool is that it’s really simple as ABC. It works with content blocks which you can add, customize and re–arrange anyway you want. At any moment, you have the option to add images and videos, set up an online journal, or get an e–cart on your site, all with a click.

You can do everything and make a cool site without having to type even one line of HTML, CSS, etc.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A selection of easy–to–re–design templates

Super cool themes that look excellent on phones, tablets and desktops

To launch an enticing site, you will need a good infrastructure. Because of this, the McKaySoftware Domain Sales’s website generation tool features a vast selection of different website templates, perfect for any sort of site – personal pages, online shops, community boards, and so on.

Each design theme is fully customizable, with numerous patterns, different color options and integrated support for more than 100 different fonts. You can change each of these settings with a click of the mouse. Plus, if at any moment you want to change your site template and opt for a different one, all tweaks you’ve implemented will be switched over instantly.

A selection of easy–to–re–design templates

In–built help area and how–to video tutorials

Learn how quick & easy it actually is to kickstart a website

In case you need any type of assistance employing the McKaySoftware Domain Sales’s website generation tool, there are lots of how–to articles and videos that cover the most frequently asked questions.

With their help, you’ll be able to check out exactly how to change your current template, how to add new pages to a website or perhaps how to add an image gallery.

In case you can’t locate the info you need there, you can always contact us. We are at hand at any moment and we answer to all support cases in less than one hour, guaranteed.

Video Tutorials